GKN Wheels Launches Profi-Hub Range

Posted by Barry Pearson on October 11, 2018  |   Comments Off on GKN Wheels Launches Profi-Hub Range

GKN Wheels has announced the launch of its innovative Profi-Hub range, developed to meet the demands of today’s more powerful, higher-capacity machinery. Designed by the company’s experienced engineering team, the new Profi-Hub series delivers increased carrying capacity together with significantly longer service life, improved performance and simpler servicing.

Commenting on the launch, Brad Layne, GKN Wheel’s Hub Systems Product Engineer said: “The new range is an evolution of our proven 871 and 873 hub systems, with the re-design providing improved features, capabilities and value. The new Profi-Hub systems deliver a great combination of improved strength and carrying capacity, with hubs capable of carrying load requirements up to 15,700 pounds.

“With a long and proud tradition of manufacturing hubs and spindles, we are delighted to have achieved another major advance in design, enabling us to continue to provide our customers with high-quality, high-performance solutions. We examined every element of our product and process, from raw materials to testing and finishing to ensure Profi-Hub meets the market’s exacting needs.”

Following an extensive testing programme, the Profi-Hub systems have demonstrated a remarkable two and a half times bearing life improvement. With a design patent pending on the new design, the systems have been designed for a minimum of 20,000 miles service at 20 miles per hour. Serviceability has also been improved, with a recessed grease fitting meaning there will be much less field damage and improving fitting access. The re-design has also enabled the system’s casting weight to be reduced by 15 pounds, improving the carbon footprint of each hub manufactured by 30 pounds of carbon dioxide.

GKN Wheel’s hub manufacturing facility and customer service support team are located in Armstrong, Iowa, with design and testing taking place at the company’s test facility in Woodridge, Illinois. The facilities combine to provide a dedicated and comprehensive wheel and hub facility for customers across North America and further afield.

Brad Layne continued: “We are incredibly proud of our test facility, which was completely re-modelled in 2017 to incorporate new hub test equipment and we look forward to continuing to set the standards for hub systems worldwide.

“As part of the redevelopment programme, we installed a new hub test stand which is capable of operating with our largest capacity hub. This allows us to replicate the maximum bearing loads of the system under the most extreme conditions, and so virtually eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming field testing. With the ability to apply loads up to 100,000 lbs, we believe this to be the largest hub testing machine in the world and allows our engineers to develop larger hubs more quickly and more efficiently to meet the needs of our customers.”

For more details, visit www.gknwheelsandstructures.com.