Invensys Rail commissions Gjønnes station for Oslo Metro

Posted by Barry Pearson on October 30, 2012  |   Comments Off on Invensys Rail commissions Gjønnes station for Oslo Metro

Invensys Rail and Oslo Metro’s infrastructure owner, Kollektivtransportproduksjon AS (KTPAS), have successfully commissioned a new signalling scheme at Gjønnes station, with Mr Cato Hellesjø, Managing Director of KTPAS, officially opening the station for operational service on 8 October 2012.

The work at Gjønnes is part of the Oslo Metro Kolsåsbanen project, a long-term programme which began in 2000 and has seen an incremental renewal of the metro rail line between Sørbyhaugen and Kolsås.

As part of this scheme, Invensys commissioned eight track circuits and the associated track circuit automatic train protection (ATP) controls to facilitate the opening and operation of the line between Bekkestua and Gjønnes.

Commenting on the programme, Invensys Rail’s International Delivery Director, Adrian Stubbs, said: “We have successfully worked on various projects with KTPAS in Oslo for over 18 years and are delighted to have successfully delivered this latest phase of work. We are now moving to the next stage, scheduled for commissioning in December 2013, which will see the work extend to Avløs. The final phase, linking to Kolsås, is scheduled for completion in 2014. Finally, a new interlocking will also be added to the new Avløs depot scheme, with this work due to be completed in 2015”.