Invensys Rail receives certificate for enhanced WESTLOCK from Network Rail

Posted by Barry Pearson on November 9, 2012  |   Comments Off on Invensys Rail receives certificate for enhanced WESTLOCK from Network Rail

Invensys Rail has received a certificate for the generic use of WESTLOCK Baseline T from Network Rail.

The Baseline T upgrade was developed by the company’s global research and development organisation and provides a further increase in capacity for the WESTLOCK computer based interlocking, as well as a number of product enhancements, delivering a significant increase in performance. The upgrade allows even greater areas of infrastructure to be controlled safely and efficiently, with WESTLOCK’s high speed performance optimising route setting times and system response to ensure that more trains can move through restricted networks more closely together.

The award of the certificate follows the successful completion of a series of trials carried out as part of the Reading, Thameslink Key Output 1 and Water Orton signalling programmes. The trials included a new firmware version of the WESTLOCK main processor and communications modules which provide these capacity improvements. A separate trial at Paisley of a remote version of the Technician’s Workstation has also been successfully completed; this allows maintenance staff to access diagnostic information for the railway and WESTLOCK system remotely, rather than having to visit the equipment room. All of these enhancements are included in the certificate.

Commenting on the news, Jim Thwaite, Invensys Rail’s Project Manager – Research and Development, said: “The product development and trials were all delivered as expected, with the certificate representing a significant milestone in the successful deployment of WESTLOCK on Network Rail schemes”.