Prince Andrew visits our QR Code Garden at Chelsea

Posted by Barry Pearson on July 17, 2012  |   Comments Off on Prince Andrew visits our QR Code Garden at Chelsea

Scotscape’s innovative QR Code garden certainly made its mark at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, winning plenty of plaudits and being awarded a prestigious Bronze Medal by the RHS judges.

Sponsored and built by living wall specialist Scotscape, the garden was designed by Jade Goto in collaboration with Shelley Mosco of Green Graphite Ltd. The groundbreaking garden unites cutting-edge technology and horticulture, with the focal point being a large QR (Quick Response) code, created from a living wall. Visitors to the garden could use their smart phones to ‘read’ the 3m x 3m planted QR code, which would take them straight to the dedicated QR Garden website.

At the preview evening of the Flower Show, Scotscape’s Managing Director Angus Cunningham spent a few minutes explaining the QR Garden to HRH Prince Andrew, who despite admitting to be not quite up to speed with the technology, was nevertheless impressed with the concept!

Commenting on the garden’s success, Angus said: “We had a fantastic reaction from visitors to the show. The slightly quirky nature of the garden and the ability to interact with it, created a real buzz. We were delighted to watch Alan Titchmarsh review the garden for the BBC, and although he also wasn’t familiar with QR codes, he clearly approved of the modern design that Jade and Shelley created.

“We just hope that we now have two more converts to smart phone technology, QR codes and Living Walls!