Profi-Line+ from GKN Wheels delivers the perfect combination of quality, efficiency and value

Posted by Barry Pearson on March 11, 2019  |   Comments Off on Profi-Line+ from GKN Wheels delivers the perfect combination of quality, efficiency and value

The high-performance Profi-Line+ wheel range, developed by GKN Wheels, has been designed to meet the changing needs of the agricultural sector, providing increased load capacity, higher operating speeds and longer life.

Dr. Michael Weissbach, Product and Business Development Manager at GKN Wheels explained the background to the product’s introduction: “With the need for tractors and trailers to carry ever-greater loads and work for prolonged periods of time, today’s heavy-duty trailers require high-performance wheels. Profi-Line+ provides the ideal solution for these challenging applications.”

Profi-Line+ meets the very specific requirements of heavy duty, high load-bearing flotation tyres, which may be subject to sustained periods of intensive use. With a loading capacity that is 20% higher and a lifetime five-times longer than standard flotation wheels, its unique design features deliver a number of operational and performance advantages.

The wheels’ unique ‘bent-over’ flange design, together with a double radius in the bead seat area, provides improved stability and affords greater protection to the tyre, both during operation and tyre mounting and with a rim that is 10% thinner than the standard design, fuel consumption is also significantly improved. The wheels are also high-spot marked, ensuring they are suitable for speeds up to 80 km/h, and are available with an extra connection in the rim for CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System). There are also a number of options, including upgrading to 100 km/h operation, specifying stronger discs for the most severe and demanding applications, and fitting a valve guard to provide even greater protection.

Dr. Weissbach continued: “With its elegant design and protected surface, Profi-Line+ also looks great and with a surface durability of over 1,400 hours (salt spray test), it will withstand the harsh climatic conditions that working vehicles are subject to and will stay looking like new, for many years.

“Profi-Line+ delivers the perfect package to meet the demands and challenges faced by owners and operators in the agricultural sector, delivering outstanding efficiencies through a combination of low process costs, assured reliability, low weight, low maintenance and long-life.”