Siemens Commissions Washwood Heath Freight Lengthening Project

Posted by Barry Pearson on March 27, 2014  |   Comments Off on Siemens Commissions Washwood Heath Freight Lengthening Project

Over the weekends of 15/16 and 22/23 February, Siemens Rail Automation successfully commissioned the signalling work for the Washwood Heath Freight Lengthening Project, with the infrastructure being signed into use at 02:57 on Monday 24 February.

The scope of the company’s work included the design, installation, testing and commissioning of new signalling and data in support of the major track re-modelling works which have been undertaken by AmeyColas at Washwood Heath West Junction, Bromford Bridge Junction and Landor Street Junction.

Commenting on the work, Siemens’ Senior Project Manager, Steve Bick said: “The project was a true collaboration between Siemens, Network Rail and AmeyColas. Although our work initially covered the requirements of Washwood Heath alone, the scope soon expanded to incorporate both Bromford Bridge and Landor Street junctions, with all three projects being combined for delivery in a single, nine day blockade.

“As a result, we covered all aspects of the project, including delivering complex data requirements, the construction of a large cantilever and the recovery of a five-track gantry. One of the main installation challenges was the piling technique with ‘torsional piles’ to allow such a big cantilever to be installed – the boom being longer than the leg, which is very unusual.”

On the first of the two commissioning weekends, Siemens commissioned into use new Trackguard WESTLOCK data for two CIPs, together with new Controlguide WESTCAD data on the Water Orton and Washwood Heath workstations at the West Midlands Signalling Centre, to allow freight movements to continue during the main track blockade. New signals and associated equipment were also commissioned into use, along with the recovery of the five-track gantry, which was removed piece by piece for subsequent re-use elsewhere on the rail network.

AmeyColas then undertook nine days of track re-laying and re-alignment works, with Siemens attending the last shift on Sunday 23 February 2014 to commission into use the final signalling system and to provide testing support for the commissioning of the new infrastructure.