Siemens Launches Nexus Voice Cab Radio

Posted by Barry Pearson on May 15, 2017  |   Comments Off on Siemens Launches Nexus Voice Cab Radio

Siemens launched its new Nexus Voice cab radio at this year’s Railtex exhibition. The radio is a significant upgrade from the company’s current SVR-400 model and includes a number of pieces of new hardware – with a new processing card, additional memory, accelerometer sensor card and two Long Term Evolution (4G, 5G, etc.) modules.

This new hardware provides the platform to enable new applications to run on the cab radio, including Nexus Lodestar DAS, Nexus RCM and Nexus Connect.

Nexus Lodestar DAS provides a real-time driver advisory system, delivering route information and speed advice to drivers. By promoting a consistent and economical driving style, the system enables significant energy savings to be made, train punctuality to be improved and maintenance costs to be reduced. Route data, timetable updates and temporary speed restrictions (TSRs) are all uploaded remotely to the system, utilising the Nexus cab radio maintenance terminal (CRMT).

Nexus RCM is an in-service remote condition monitoring application, which detects track defects on three axes, either via the cab radio or on a stand-alone basis. By installing the system fleet-wide, Nexus RCM is able to provide a network-wide track assessment in just a few days using in-service trains. The system is also highly customisable to meet operators’ different requirements and can be tailored to detect rough-ride, track voids, dip-track, bogie flats etc.

Finally, using the existing on-board PA cable, the installation of Nexus Connect provides an Ethernet backbone for the train, with Ethernet Bridges situated in every carriage to distribute the wireless connectivity. The backbone can also be used to transfer sensor data from key on-board assets throughout the train and then onto the ground. Data from sensors measuring carriage and engine temperature, doors, lights, etc. can be used to inform predictive maintenance programmes. For this application, the Nexus Voice cab radio system can be used as a media gateway, transferring data to and from the train.

Commenting on the launch, Siemens Sales and Marketing Manager, Ciro De Col said: “These new products effectively enable current trains to become smart trains, with a number of integrated functions delivering operational and economic benefits to the train and infrastructure owners, including improved efficiency and reliability and reduced costs and train downtime.

“The systems are also scalable and future-proof, allowing operators to install hardware now and update at a later date to meet future requirements and includes the potential to migrate to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. Although the systems are capable of transferring large amounts of data to and from the train, they are highly secure and conform to cyber-security standards”.

Siemens Rail Automation is a global leader in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of track-side and train-borne signalling and train control solutions. Its portfolio includes train control, interlocking systems, operations control systems, components, track vacancy detection, level-crossing protection, rail communications, cab radios, station systems and cargo automation for both passenger and freight rail operators.

Siemens employs over 15,000 people in the UK, with 1,650 people working in the Rail Automation division from offices in Chippenham, London, Croydon, Poole, Birmingham, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Manchester, York, Glasgow, Newport and Derby. For more information, visit