Siemens Rail Automation Completes GSM-R Installation on Danish S-bane Fleet

Posted by Barry Pearson on December 19, 2013  |   Comments Off on Siemens Rail Automation Completes GSM-R Installation on Danish S-bane Fleet

In just three months, Siemens Rail Automation has completed the installation of its GSM-R cab radio equipment on all of Banedanmark’s 135-strong S-bane fleet of trains.

Representing the first stage of a 28-month project to equip both the S- and F-bane fleets, this work forms part of a contract to replace all analogue cab radio communications equipment with GSM-R technology, which was awarded by Danish infrastructure operator Banedanmark to Siemens in 2012.

Equipment manufacture and software development has all been undertaken at Siemens’ UK plant in Poole, with installation being carried out by the company’s Danish operation.

Commenting on the programme, Richard Slesser, UK Head of Projects at Siemens, said: “We are delighted that this stage of the project has run so smoothly. With each installation having been completed in less than ten hours, including all the necessary testing and hand-over work, we were able to hand the last S-bane train back to the operator ten days ahead of schedule”.

Allan Joergensen, Siemens’ Project Manager, continued: “The close working relationship between the Siemens teams in Denmark and the UK, and our local partner DSB Vedligehold, has been a key factor in the smooth delivery of the programme. Having now finished the S-bane stock, our installation teams are moving on to the 711-strong F-bane fleet, with a final completion date of 1st August 2015”.

Although voice communication will be operational via GSM-R on all trains by November 2014, the second phase of the programme will see GSM-R operation extended to train control by 2015, in preparation for the implementation of ETCS Level 2 across the entire Danish network by 2021.