Siemens Successfully Commissions GNGE Phase 4

Posted by Barry Pearson on September 5, 2014  |   Comments Off on Siemens Successfully Commissions GNGE Phase 4

Following a 16 day blockade, Siemens Rail Automation successfully commissioned Phase 4 of the Great Northern Great Eastern (GNGE) route upgrade works, with the railway being signed back into operational use 90 minutes ahead of schedule at 04:30 on 11 August 2014.

Phase 4 covered the re-signalling of approximately 15 miles of railway from the northern fringe with Blotoft signal box control area, to the southern fringe with Cheal Road signal box area, as well as a fringe boundary with Spalding interlocking. As a result of the work, Mill Green, Gosberton and Blotoft signal boxes have all been de-commissioned and recovered, together with nine gate boxes along the route, and control has been transferred to Lincoln Signalling Control Centre (SCC).

The scope of Siemens’ work included the commissioning into service of 12 manually controlled barrier level crossings (10 with object detection technology and two with CCTV) and three automatic half barrier crossings, along with a new Controlguide WESTCAD control system at Lincoln SCC, 17 Trackguard WESTRACE Mk2 systems (15 level crossing controllers, two signalling interlockings and one object controller), 14 modular equipment housings and 25 lightweight LED signals.

Commenting on the commissioning, Siemens’ Senior Project Manager, Paul Carlile said: “This work follows the successful commissioning of Phases 1 and 3 of the GNGE programme earlier this year, and again featured Siemens’ modular signalling solution, enabling us to make full use of off-site, ‘hangar testing’ and so significantly reduce the testing time required on-site.

“Although the scale of this commissioning was extremely challenging, the close working relationship between Siemens, Network Rail and our GNGE Alliance partners enabled the programme to be successfully delivered, ahead of time. Our project team now moves on to the fifth phase of the programme which is scheduled for commissioning in November.”

On completion, the £280 million, government funded GNGE project will deliver an upgraded diversionary route for freight traffic between Doncaster and Peterborough, which in turn will allow greater use of the East Coast Mainline (ECML) for passenger train paths. Consisting of five phases in total, four of which are based on Siemens’ modular signalling solution, the works will improve safety, capacity, performance and reliability, reducing the need for heavy maintenance over a 15 year period.