Smart Demystifies CE Marking Requirements

Posted by Barry Pearson on June 17, 2013  |   Comments Off on Smart Demystifies CE Marking Requirements

Smart Architectural Aluminium, the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium door, window and curtain walling systems, is holding a series of informative seminars designed to explain the requirements of the new CE Marking regulations.

From July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation makes it mandatory in the UK for building products to comply with CE Marking requirements. As a result, the majority of external windows and doors will then need to have CE Marking, with the responsibility to comply lying with installers, fabricators and suppliers.

Smart’s Technical Services Manager, Anthony Murray outlined the company’s approach: “Although the introduction of the new regulations has been planned for some time, it seems that many fabricators and installers hadn’t started to address their requirements until quite recently – partly through a fear of the potential for more bureaucracy and partly through a lack of time to dedicate to the changes. As a consequence over recent months, we have been asked an increasing number of questions about the details of the regulations and their impact”.

Essentially, CE Marking enables fabricators to provide a certificate of compliance with harmonised European standards, but to do so, they must have in place appropriate production procedures and policies, be able to provide CE marking approval on all windows and doors and to provide relevant product test reports.

Anthony continued: “To help take the fear out of these changes and to give fabricators and installers the tools they need to comply, we put together a comprehensive seminar, backed by a full information pack. This has been designed to give our customers a detailed understanding of the subject and then to provide them with a set of template guides to follow – covering Factory Production & Control and Installation, Maintenance & Care, as well as a full reference guide to CE Compliance itself. To complete this comprehensive package of service and support, we are also making CE product labels available for all relevant doors and windows in our range.”

Commenting on the programme Paul Ewart from Swan Doors and Windows said: “This was an invaluable initiative from Smarts which has completely taken the stress and fear out of implementing CE Marking for our business. We will simply be adapting the materials that Smart provided to suit our own particular needs and then applying the labels to Smart products once we have fabricated them”.