WESTLOCK Firmware Upgrade Delivers Even Greater Performance

Posted by Barry Pearson on March 14, 2012  |   Comments Off on WESTLOCK Firmware Upgrade Delivers Even Greater Performance

As part of the Reading Southern Lines signalling project which was commissioned over the Christmas 2011 break, Invensys Rail successfully installed the latest generation of its WESTLOCK computer-based interlocking.

Developed by the company’s Global Interlocking Centre of Excellence, the upgrade not only provides enhanced network communications functionality for WESTLOCK, but also a significant increase in performance both in terms of speed and memory capacity.

The system has been developed to provide WNC (WESTRACE Network Communications) protocol functionality, allowing WESTLOCK to communicate directly with a range of other systems, including Radio Block Centres. WNC is also supported by Invensys Rail’s new Object Controller technology and is at the heart of the company’s Modular Signalling Solution. A safe, open protocol, WNC can be used to meet a wide range of communications requirements.

The current version of WESTLOCK also allows the interlocking to be interfaced directly to a WESTCAD control system using a ‘Cadlock’ interface – without the need for a Control System Gateway (CSG). This delivers a real step change in performance for route setting time from the signallers’ perspective, with the time from a button press or mouse click to the lamp light indicating a route is set being less than half a second (when used directly with a WESTCAD control system).

Commenting on the development, Phil Threlfall, VP Technology at Invensys Rail said: “The development and successful installation of the upgraded WESTLOCK at Reading represents a real milestone for our business, delivering an interlocking solution that will meet the requirements of a number of complex projects, including both the Reading and Thameslink signalling programmes”.



Issued on behalf of Invensys Rail by Objective Communications